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Furry Lifestyle Ring - A Webring dedicated to those who adhere to the ideals of the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry. To quote from the gro

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Furry Lifestyle Ring

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A Webring dedicated to those who adhere to the ideals of the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry. To quote from the group's FAQ, we "relate strongly to furries in a way that impacts [our] personalities and or way of life." This relationship includes, but is not limited to: totem animals, plushophilia, zoophilia, toonophilia, and the sheer enjoyment of the company of animals.

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   DarkSilver's Den Preview Go
DarkSilver's NEW home on the web!
   FoxWolfie Galen's Plushie Page Preview Go
Mostly info and images about plushies, fursuits, toons and various furry topics. Links to FAQs for a.s.p, a.b.p.e.p, a.f.p and a.b.p.p are also here.
   Lone Wolf's Den Preview Go
A website covering many subjects, from Were and Fur Resources, FAQs and information, to a large archive of pictures from UK Were and Fur meets, personal thoughts, and details of my fursuiting exploits. Also contains links to much of the music I spend a large amount of time writing and promoting.

   PhatCat's Furry Online Archive and Meeting Place Preview Go
This is a site that you can get furry/nonfurry events, follow links to art, and learn more about furry.
   The Furry Section Preview Go
A small collection of furry sketches. Most are original works by myself, a few reproductions from other artists also litter the area.
   Firemane's Homepage Preview Go
A low-profile, text page, with a few rambling essays and a link to Firemane's fiction page.
   Free paws! Preview Go
Furry characters are rarely seen with footwear. This is a page for those who enjoy living on bare paws out of character just like in character, who consider going barefoot a part of furry lifestyle.
   CatspawVP Furry PAge Preview Go
a site about me and soon to have pics of all my fav. character that have developed my furry persona =)
   zFurry Preview Go
A friendly community site for furs.
   Dave Darkwolf's Den Preview Go
A site dedicated to promoting all Furry related themes Artwork,Stories & Links to other Furry sites.I'm a Furry & a Were so there's Were stuff here aswell. You will also find POEMS here written by my UK Mate, MoonWolf.I'm also responsable for this mess of a Webring(go figure). Yes us Wolves CAN do anything!!!! Please also visit my US Mate's site listed below :

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