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Military Sites - This ring is for military buffs, enthusiasts, people in service, and those interested in the history of military around

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Military Sites

Manager: kuba1
This ring is for military buffs, enthusiasts, people in service, and those interested in the history of military around the world. If you have a military specialty page, ie. infantry, armor...etc., or you have a page on general military history, this is the place for it. This is for military Around The World .. not just in the USA.

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post by jimp - 08/12/2013

Just finished reading a book by Howard K. Smith the late, news reporter on CBS and later NBC. Picked it up at a used book sale for $ 2 and soon realized that the book was well worth the full price of $ 24.95. Smith was born in La.,1914 and I learned a lot about the deep south as the book progressed. Smith spent a lot of time in Europe in the 1930's, 40's and 50's and with his keen eye was able to fill in a lot of history that I had missed in my own reading of history. In 1964 Smith got sidelined at CBS because he took a strong stand for civil rights and the civil rights movement. His writing is crisp, his insights sharp and some of the information that he revealed about the women he slept with was surprising.

Replied - 08/16/2013

They may be getting old but they are not slowing down, at least not much. A fellow I know is now 83 and is still playing softball. Another guy at 66 is running 10 k, every week. A woman, at 72 is riding her bike all around the Chickamauga Military Park, the trail stretches several miles. But these people are not without reoccurring pain. Age alone brings pain and persistent discomfort but of late a few people have discovered, The Power Patch, a 4"x 5" strip that adds both energy and reduces pain.Whats more a lot of people are adding income as well as reducing pain. Find out more at. 7136575.fgxpress

Replied - 08/20/2013

About 85 percent of Americans are not poor, one can understand if they have a hard time really empathizing with the poor. It is harder to understand that many poor people do not think of themselves as poor. Listen to them and you will hear; " I'm having a hard time right now but as soon as I get a few of these bills paid off, I'll get back on my feet." Another might say; " I'm down on my luck right now." Meaning that they feel their poverty is only temporary. More and more that is not a realistic view, because a whole economic system is working against them. Many of the barriers to getting out of poverty are invisible. Typically we Americans do not understand systems; rather we are individualists and we tend to think that everything depends on us and a little luck. We have not yet learned how to organize and to build power and influence through mutual effort. Even so there are about 50 million who are considered poor in our country, if they ever get organized, watch out !

Replied - 08/20/2013
Have you tried turning the air control needle to the right about one half turn? Sounds like you are getting to much air. 

Replied - 08/20/2013
If you are Cherokee, then the Cherokee museum in Cherokee, NC. may be able to help. Other tribes have information about them in several regional libraries. Hope you will share some Indian history on this webring. 

Replied - 08/20/2013

To start a discussion, I'll just say that in my reading of history the human race has had tough time of it.

Replied - 08/20/2013

This is the are where General Grant, marched his soldiers over Lookout Mountain and then north to surprise the Confederates at Chickamauga. 

Replied - 08/22/2013
Many people put the blame on Adam and Eve; but I am reluctant to put so much blame on a young couple with no education, no experience but if not on them; how do you account for us humans being so mean and destructive of one another?

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