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Amazing Authors Webring Tour - This ring intends to offer the best possible promotion to qualified authors who are seeking exposure for both published

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Amazing Authors Webring Tour

Manager: okieshadow
This ring intends to offer the best possible promotion to qualified authors who are seeking exposure for both published and unpublished work. By the nature of a webring, the more we boost each other, the more readers we will bring to our own site. Post any tips, publication notices, contest alerts, or your site updates here. Because this is a public forum, however, there will be a slight delay before your message posts, so that I can review it and screen out spam and anything wildly off-topic. Write On!

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The topic of this forum is promoting authors and their written work.
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Sample Saturday: 'Les Pensees Dangereuses' - 08/31/2013

I should be studying, or hauling my car over to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. (I decided to do the latter tomorrow, when I can get to the shop first thing in the morning). Instead, I'm reading Amber Frey's Witness For the Prosecution , and I can just mentally hear the other readers of the book yelling at its pages: "Why couldn't you tell he was nuts?" Well, let me tell you: I know something about being involved with a high-functioning sociopath. He's still referred to amongst my circle of friends and family as Psycho Kevin. These guys don't wear signs. They are inevitably charming, make far-reaching promises that sound awfully good (but not quite too good to be true). They insinuate themselves into your life and charm the crap out of everyone they can. Then the changes start to come: the little clues that all is not quite as you might have thought. In my case, clue number one was "Hey, I'm going to take a nap. You can use my computer, but don't log on as me." Now, it would never have occurred to me to log on as him. Ever. Until he told me not to. It took me less than 10 seconds to figure out his password after he'd gone to sleep -- his son's name. Not too clever. That was how I discovered the web of lies. I got an instant message ping immediately from someone who said "Hi, Sweetie! I thought you were away on business this weekend. Didn't expect to see you on-line." That was just the beginning. I left him, and then the threats began. I would get a zillion hang-ups on my phone...

Sample Saturday: "Les Pensees Dangereuses"

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